Public Space: What is it? (three of x)

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Fort Pienc, Barcelona, Spain 2011

Fort Pienc, Barcelona, Spain 2011


For in truth, the most accurate definition of the urbs and the polis is very like the comic definition of a cannon. You take a hole, wrap some steel wire tightly around it, and that’s your cannon.” Ortega Y Gasset 1883 – 1955


Public Space: A World of Strangers (two of x)

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Barcelona, 2011

Barcelona, 2011

“When the city dweller leaves his home or the homes of people he knows personally, he is surrounded by strangers… the world of strangers which is the city is located in the city’s public space.”

Lyn H Lofland. A World of Strangers: Order and Action in Urban Public Space, 1973. page 19

Everywhere: Public Space (one of x)

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what is public space?

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