Los Angeles: nurture&nature and space (one of x)

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In determining one’s personality, or at the very least one’s current
mood, the surrounding environment is greatly responsible. Insecurities, internal monologues, money, familial and social relationships, love, sex, the weather and other non-spatial elements are given much credit for contributing to the general “state” of a person. Of course, most of the listed items are inherently spatial, but if the actual “space” isn’t emphasized, the spatial component is often taken for granted. I would like to emphasize Space as a major contributor to both the short and long-term quality of one’s state of being.

This strand of NATURE&NURTURE and SPACE will help me explore the role of Space in the creation of personality, society, a particular world-view and personal happiness.

Personally, I am much happier when I begin the day with a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe.The photo below shows a street image of my cafe of choice:

I am currently at my home in Los Angeles, and I have been frequenting Figaro’s as I always do when I come. The time spent in this precise Space gives me a particular type of gratification. It is not the sun, the coffee, or the book I read: I can and do have all of these things in a variety of other spaces. It is also important that I have quick access to the cafe since a long car journey with potential traffic obstacles and time spent searching for parking would degrade the whole experience. And so, while Space includes the particular of an individual space, it is also part of a daily spatial sequence. The journey to the space is an extension of the destination.

In doing some research on another topic, I learned that 60% of Beverly Hills residents are in fact renters in order to take advantage of the higher quality school systems. (This certainly brings up many issues regarding environmental justice and spacial equality, but I will not address these here or now.) The school system is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for choosing a living location. For me, however, spatial proximity to a good cafe where I can sit for hours without the need for continuous consumption is key.


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