Born in Bucharest, Romania in the early 80’s minutes before midnight on the day after the spring equinox, Claudia Paraschiv emigrated to Los Angeles months before the “End of Communism”

She grew up in Los Feliz (a “very walkable” neighborhood in LA) and spent her summers in Bucharest.

Then, trained as an architect at the University of Southern California, she practiced architecture in Los Angeles for three years. Seeking to open up horizons beyond the clear-cut property line of private projects, she sought to re-evaluate the purpose, possibilities and nature of design. Design seemed incorrectly positioned as a highly abstract want-based practice in a world of complex needs.  She continued her education at MIT.  She studied cities.  The degree, far from narrowing the focus of her curious lens, has worked to broaden her generalist tendencies.

She currently lives in Salem, MA.

Places she has called home: Bucharest, Romania; Los Angeles, CA; Lago Como, Italy; Cambridge, MA; Barcelona, Spain; Salem, MA

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