Poem (two of x)

01/25/2013 § 1 Comment

a love poem

I think of you and think
I love you.

Other thoughts dim, blocked.

I reach deep to write you words of great meaning.

I scratch at the surface
and unfold the layers
of my mind
and my heart
and I take a good long look,
and in reaching I find my love for you
in every crevice of me.

I feel it along the bottom of my cheek as I think of your fingers there;
or at the back of my head as I feel your hand there.
My love for you runs down my spine
and tickles in places, like lips graze,

small scratches,
silent explosions
treading constellations of freckles, I see you.
Your hands upon me
not consuming, just dancing
on top of my skin
inside my organs.

As I think of you, I braid these streams of thoughts
and seamlessly weave these strands of emotions
and knit whispers gentle as breezes into my cherished memories of us.
My love for you has infiltrated me and I cannot untangle you from myself;
nor do I want to.


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